Residence Hall Closing Information 2014

All residence halls close on Sat. May 10, 2014, 12noon. Students must vacate their housing 24 hours after their last final or by this closing date (whichever occurs first). If students can not vacate by May 10, they can complete the Online Late Stay Request Form, due 8am, May 1, 2014.

Check-Out Options
Residents have two options to check-out of their room.

  • Express Check-Out: Students living in Peterson, Palmerton, and Connolly receive Express Check-Out by default; a HD Checkout must be requested (more information below). These residents may move-out by stated dates; Residence Life staff will perform a room check after move-out.

    Students living in Rocker Square II or any off-campus apartment must sign the Express Check-Out Envelope provided to them (taped to your door) and return it (along with all key/keycards) to Residence Life in the Surbeck Center. Returning this Express Check-Out envelope informs Residence Life you have moved-out and allows us to check your room.

  • Hall Director Check-Out: Email your Hall Director to arrange a "HD Check-Out." You must email and set-up an appointment by May 5, 2014. These check-outs must occur after you have removed all items from your room to allow for a complete inspection. At the check-out, your HD will take your room keys/cards, if needed.
Room Checklist
All rooms must be returned to move-in condition. The below items must be completed prior to leaving; a detailed list will be provided on each door with specific requirements:
  • Clean room to return it to move-in condition (vacuum, dust, throw out trash, clean toilets/showers, kitchens, etc.)
  • Remove all personal items from room: donate, recycle, and trash as appropriate in bins and dumpsters
  • Ensure all University furniture is in room - beds should be un-lofted and un-bunked (Connolly: beds should be bunked)
  • Set thermostat A/C and to 70
  • Turn off all lights
  • Lock Your Door
  • Check-Out by a method listed above and return key (if needed)
Failure to complete the items above and failure to return your room to move-in condition will result in charges being assessed to your student account.

Other Important Items to Complete
Before you leave, please ensure you have done the following important items
  • Donate unwanted food, personal hygene items, clothing, or household goods between May 1-10. Donation bins will be located in PC Commons, Peterson, and Rocker Square II for food/hygene items. Donation bins will be located in PC Commons and Surbeck Center for clothing/household goods.
  • Remove your bike from the bike racks. All bikes left on campus will be removed. If you are staying for the summer in Rocker Square II, move your bike to a Surbeck bike rack.
  • Connolly/Palmerton/Peterson Residents: Complete a "Change of Address" request online if you are not returning to the residence halls next year and want mail forwarded somewhere other than your permenant address on file with the University. We will forward mail for only 12 months--make sure you change your address as needed. If you are returning to the residence halls next year, we will forward mail for the summer months.
  • Rocker Square II Residents: Complete a "Change of Address" request through the U.S. Postal Service.