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Renter's Terminology

Questions to ask the Landlord

Questions about Renting

For Your Information

Residential Burglary

Being a Good Neighbor

Your Responsibilities (Knowing the Laws)

Knowing your Rights

Useful Phone Numbers

Inventory and Condition Report

Lease Check List

Roommate Contract for Living Off-Campus

Other Resources



Making the move off campus is an exciting time in the lives of many students.  As a South Dakota School of Mines and Technology student living in Rapid City, we hope you have a memorable and rewarding off campus living experience.  This information was developed as a resource guide to assist you in utilizing the various resources off and on the campus.  As a resident of the Rapid City community, we encourage you to identify your rights and responsibilities as a renter and to learn about the numerous resources available to you.

Have property to rent? Go here to list it on-line with SDSM&T.


Want to see what's listed with SDSM&T? Go here.